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STEP UP Into Enterprise

ABC is your specialist partner for all your self-employment needs. If you have a client who shows any interest in self-employment then call Neha for an informal chat on 0191 242 4982.

Coaching Partner JET and specialist partner Changing Lives at the first ABC Networking Event for Wise Steps. 
Sead Masic from Changing Lives said,”It was a well spent time in order to find out what other partners are doing and how do we spread the word about what are we all doing, how do we complement each other to help people find employment.  I prefer to speak to “real” people rather than use digital media all the time.”

Did you know?

In the past 10 years, the number of over-55s starting their own business has risen by 63%!

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Case Study

Being over 50 is not a barrier to self-employment and starting a business. Past employment experience and life experience can enable this route to be a better choice and one which can provide a more flexible lifestyle. ABC can work with over 50s to understand their motivations, ideas and opportunities.

Kim has been out of work for the past ten years due to caring for her parents. She had previously worked within hospitality and really enjoyed this industry.
ABC worked with Kim and her coaching partner to recognise her motivations and strengths. She really enjoyed cooking and ideally wanted to work from home.
ABC worked with Kim on various aspects of self-employment and setting up her business including:
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Developing a business plan
  • Social media marketing
  • Registering as self-employed
  • Finance
Kim also worked with other specialist partners to improve her confidence and improve her digital skills. This holistic approach towards Kim ensured that she could be comfortable in starting self-employment. She now enjoys baking cakes for people for different events and can increase her workload as she pleases. 

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