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Making Brilliant Careers

Be Confident, Be Inspired.

Unsure what you want to do? Why not try THE ONE AND ONLY qualification in The Fashion & Photographic Industry.

Achieve Your Dream Career.

The course has been developed to deliver an industry recognized qualification for students to be successful. Whether students are looking to be the next catwalk sensation or a behind the scenes Creative Director, this course offers practical skills in a real life environment that are tailor made for careers.Don’t just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.

World Class Qualification.

Unsure what you want to do? Why not try THE ONE AND ONLY qualification in The Fashion & Photographic Industry.

The course is accredited by City & Guilds to a level 3 Diploma (A Level equivalent) and is internationally recognised, meaning students can use this qualification all over the world in their future careers.

The course consists of:

Unit 1: The Modelling Industry

Knowing the range of careers and opportunities available in the industry will give students a great understanding of what their dream career would be.

Unit 2: Photographic Presentation

With hands-on, practical workshops to understand lighting, lighting equipment and how to use camera equipment; these skills will be utilised in all aspects of and units to demonstrate photographic principles.

Unit 3: Acting and Presentation

This unit will use practical sessions to work on body language, mannerisms and confidence. Being able to speak in public or introduce yourself to potential clients.

Unit 4: Hair and Beauty

Practical demonstrations to understand techniques to go from fresh faced to super chic and guidance about keeping hair and skin in top condition.

Unit 5: Business Awareness

The qualification is most definitely not just for models, the business unit offers practical skills to students that want to start their own business.

Unit 6: Catwalk Techniques

From learning the initial moves to exits, turns and basic routines, students will also experience behind the scenes wardrobe management, choreography and how music affects the show.

Unit 7: Health and Safety

If your interests lie in fitness and the gym or you just enjoy looking fabulous and trim, this unit is designed to give you all the information you need to achieve your personal goals.

To The Moon.

The course will give students the skills to progress and the confidence to know exactly what they want to do.
Aspirations of real careers can be made here at MBC.

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