PIE STEM Challenge 2016


Primary Inspiration through Enterprise


In March 2016 ABC will be supporting the Project to host the largest STEM Challenge across the North East.  Every single Primary School in Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle will be invited to participate in association with NCFE, North East LEP, Accenture and ABC. There will be two rounds to the competition and an awards ceremony for Year 6 (10-11 Year olds) pupils:


1) Two one hour timed challenges within the school.  A Hackathon and an Engineering/Science Based activity with support from local businesses and parents.


2)  Five schools from each area will go through to the second round where pupils will plan, make and sell a product within a local shop.  Each School will be loaned £100 with all profits being retained by the school and pupils. The activity will be underpinned by a formal industry recognised vocational qualification in investigating enterprise delivered by AMPM247 and accredited by NCFE.


3) An awards ceremony that will showcase our North East talent and some incredible prizes for participants..


The Challenge aims to enlighten, engage and educate young people in the wonderful world of enterprise. Tackling misconceptions of how poor education is, involving parents and local businesses and helping deliver critical soft skills including resilience training to our next generation.


If you are a local business or parent and would like to get involved in this exciting initiative then please contact info@ampm247.co.uk or info@abconnexions.org

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