Our Projects

Academy for Catering Excellence

The Academy for Catering Excellence is a great way to get unemployed teens into education, and teach them the ways of an industry that is vastly growing and looking for more and more qualified and skilled individuals each day. This course is an amazing experience and has some highly skilled chefs and cooks backing this project in order to help these students along the way to gain a highly sought after qualification in a highly sought after industry.
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Dine and Donate for Marie Curie Cancer Care

As a participating restaurant, you will receive a supply of Dine and Donate table cards advising your customers a voluntary £1.00 is added to the table bill at the end of the meal during the month of December to raise funds for the Marie Curie Hospice Newcastle. At the end of the appeal, we ask that you pass on the total money raised to your local fundraising manager Lisa Corfield.
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MBC – Making Brilliant Careers.

The course has been developed to deliver an industry recognised qualification for students to be successful. Whether students are looking to be the next catwalk sensation or a behind the scenes Creative Director, this course offers practical skills in a real life environment that are tailor made for careers.
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The PIE Project

Far too many young people are leaving school without any clear indication on what they would like to do and without the key skills business need. Industry complains that it is unable to match the current workforce to the technical demand, businesses claim “they simply cannot get the staff.” Current interventions that target 16-18 year olds are too late, we need to help engage and inspire young people early on.
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Space for Peace

Your Homes Newcastle were the winners of a golden key from SUPRA. Consequently, they have been given the opportunity to bid for funding for a community project along with 6 other golden key winners. In association with Space For Peace a proposal was submitted to create Space For Peace – Peace Gardens in 3 deprived communities in Newcastle.
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The Main Event – NWL

Trunk water mains are large diameter pipes which transfer water around the region. Over a period of time, harmless sediment can build up on the inside of water mains and may result in customers receiving discoloured water. Although this isn’t harmful to health, we appreciate it is not acceptable or pleasant.
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