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ABC is the first point of call for all Asian Businesses and others wanting to engage with them locally, nationally and internationally


With our help, you could find funding that is available to a whole host of businesses to help them thrive


We provide expert support and advice on developing your business to its full potential by offering a range of services – in PR and marketing, including website and advert design

AB Curry CLub

Our Next Curry Club Event 

Date: 25th February 2021
Time: 5pm – 6pm

The Asian Business Connexions Curry Club event brings together individuals and businesses from all over the North East. Each event delivers a new keynote speaker bringing you valuable insights and approaches. As suggested in the name, these events are complimented with a delicious curry for you to enjoy whilst growing your network.

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ABCurry Club

2020 ABC Award Winners

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As a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, we exist to make lasting change in the communities we serve. Much of this work is centred around developing, promoting and supporting regional workplaces define, understand and work towards a much richer diversity of customers, staff and suppliers – this is our mission and one we’re passionate about.

ABC Membership gives you access to a wide network of individuals and organisations across the North East to help you get connected, supported and promoted. 

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