Regardless of what happens it’s essential that all businesses in the North East make the necessary preparations to become resilient to any outcome.

A recent survey found that 51% of businesses are not resilient due to a lack of preparation

We’ve brought together business support and access to finance schemes, together with the latest advice and guidance from government to help you do this.

Case Studies

Business exporting outside the UK

Abdul’s business has been exporting outside of the UK to the EU for the last 5 years. Now that the UK is leaving the EU, Abdul needs to consider the documents, safety and security factors that he may need to allow him to export outside the UK. Abdul should also understand VAT and how this could affect exporting to EU consumers and businesses. For example, distance selling arrangements may no longer apply to UK businesses.

Business importing from outside the UK

Amit's business has been importing goods from outside the UK as it is a very important part of his business. Amit may need an import license when importing specific goods such as controlled goods (Food, Livestock, Chemicals). Amit will also need to consider the tariffs that will impact his business. Some goods are subject to tariffs and it is important for Amit to understand how these tariffs will affect Amit’s pricing and profit.

Business employing someone who is not a British Citizen

Alisha has employed staff from the EU who are not British residents and must consider changes to the rules when doing this. Alisha has had to consider if her staff are residents in the UK. If they are residents, their right to live and work in the UK are protected and Alisha will not need to take any further action. Employers must accept EU citizen passports if they are looking for evidence for that person’s right to work in the UK. This is another factor that Alisha must be aware of in preparation for the impact that Brexit may have on her business.

Hosting data in/outside the EU

Anu has been transferring data between the UK and EEA as this an important process in her business. Anu has had to research changes to the UK data protection law to see if she needs to change the way she transfers and stores data. Anu may need to look at her contracts and clauses to make sure she is still able to receive personal data from the EEA legally. It is important for Anu to carry out research so that she is prepared for the impacts that Brexit may have on her business.

Resilience Survey

Asian Business Connexions and The North East LEP (North East Growth Hub) are working with the government to help ensure you get the guidance and support you need to help you prepare your business for Brexit regardless of the outcome.

Please help us do this by completing this short survey – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

On behalf of North East Growth Hub, Asian Business Connexions and HM Government (Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) we’ll collate and aggregate the information you have provided to share with the government for the purposes of helping them inform online content and business support. 

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